TTO leerlingen aan het woord

“TTO was a great experience. It proved to be very beneficial after I left school as well. While other students were nervous about having to present in English at University, I preferred presenting in English to presenting in Dutch”.

 “As for writing my thesis, we are advised to do this in English, which is no problem for me, whereas other students sometimes have difficulties with this. Not only does TTO teach you how to write in English, but also how to write well in general. This really gives you an edge over other students”.

Ellen van ‘t Klooster


“After I left CLZ  I started studying medicine in Utrecht. English books and texts were not a problem for me, neither were presentations in English that my fellow students were anxious for”.

 “When I went abroad for an internship, being able to speak English fluently gave me the confidence to interact easily with other foreigners and with the doctors from the hospital”.

“The bilingual program includes learning how to write essays and reports and I am glad I have had the opportunity to gain those skills before starting my studies”.

Cilie van ‘t Klooster


“Receiving bilingual education at the CLZ was a great and fun experience. It has been of signifivant use during my undertaken studies and I expect to profit from it in my future work”.

“At the University in Groningen all my study books and most classes were in English. Unlike many of my fellow students I never experienced any difficulties since TTO had already accustomed me to this”.

“Bilingual education has been an excellent preparation for doing my graduate studies abroad in Cambridge. Fluency in both written and spoken English was one of the entry requirements, which had to be demontrated by talkng an official test….passing the test was no problem at all and upon arrival in Cambridge my English was already at a high enough level to effortlessly mingle and socialize with native speakers”.

Sjors Altemühl


 “IB English was probably the most interesting subject I had in the fifth and sixth grade! It involves lots of reading and writing and since I love literature and language I had a great time.”

 “I am still benefitting from all the skills I picked up during my TTO years. I am able to write a structured, critical essay, whether in English or Dutch and I can analyse a text pretty quickly”.

 “Besides all the educational benefits TTO is also simply a lot of fun!”

Eveline Neele


“Bilingual education has proved to be the best choice I could have made.  As well as the excitement of additional trips and interning abroad, the curse also gave me all the tools I needed to pursue a career abroad”.

“I have now successfully completed my undergraduate degree at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and have since moved on to do my masters at St Andrews University. I would not have been able to achieve everything I have done so far if I had not first received the proper preparation for it, which is what CLZ has done for me”.

Annemiek van Essen


“TTO has turned out to be incredibly useful to me. I speak English every day while studying at the University of Richmond in the United States, and even though I have not written a single Textual Analysis since my IB exam, every lab report, paper and email I have written since I graduated from the CLZ has benefited from my writing skills.”

Eline Wilhelm


“The one thing that having had bilingual education has given to me is convenience and freedom. English is used everywhere, from travelling abroad to following any study and moreover, in professional life”.

 “By having a sound knowledge of the English language communication costs much less energy and you are able to focus on whatever you are doing…..communication is vital in reaching anything at all and having followed a bilingual education course I am equipped with a good basis”

Gert-Jan Smit