Speaking Contest 2020

This year’s speaking contest took place on Tuesday 16 December, just before the lockdown. The theme was ‘a story you will never forget’. In the photo you can see our 2nd year students. The winner was Wietske Muntinga from 2AT (far left) discussing Body Shaming. The runner up was Isidora Zachariadou (second left from the Christmas tree ) from 2HAT1 with Gender Inequality.

The third year was won by Arlena Lo from 3GT with an excellent discussion on Racism towards Asians in our society.  Runner up Florentijn de Knikker from 3AT2 with The influence of Social Media.

The jury consisted of: Stephen Pegg, Erwin Lijklema, Karin Plokker, Floor Seligmann (6V),  and Guest Judge Adriaan van Steun who is studying commercial law.

Regional finals are planned for February 2021. National finals depending on Covid 19.

Thanks to Master of ceremonies Stephen Pegg and Lynn Poelman as secretary. With thanks also to Karin, Katalin and Carla for their organizational skills.